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Brake pad install Chevy Van
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New Calipers Chevy G30.
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Camp Shower for Roof Rack - 12 ft of 4" ABS - Reducer 4" to 3" with clean out - 45 angle - Reducer 4" to 2" - Convert 2" to 3/4 MPT female - Garden house spot 3/4 MPT male - 2 Large hose clamps - Schrader valve from on old bike tube (drill a hole in the clean out cap and push the valve through, then seal with adhesive patch compound) *** I would suggest airing this up with a bike pump. Air compressor can cause it to leak. You only need 15 psi for good flow.
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Fiberglass visor. This was a junkyard find from an old boogie van.
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These jump seats are from a Ford Ranger. They're great for short trips when you need space for a couple of more people. They're compact and fold up out of the way.
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Used the CNC router to cut holes for my stainless steel cup holders. The table was made of plywood with a textured laminate top. Good project for testing out the CNC.
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Raptor lined the interior floor of my van. 1. Removed all the seats - 1 hour 2. Sanded floor with 80 grit sandpaper to remove the rust. - 12 hours 3. Tape off the van with painters plastic and blue painters tape (3M) - 3 hours 4. Spray - 2 hours - Add 250 ml harder and 100 -50 ml tint to bottle - Mix - 60 psi set on air compressor (liner goes father and coats evenly) - For a more textured look spray at 40 psi - Spray the bottle in less than an hour 8 bottles = 2 coats Pneumatic 8" orbital sander Self etching primer from Home Depot
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